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Port Glasgow West Community Council

Date: 16th November 2017

Press release

Over the past few years, many discussions at our meetings, were and on around Inverclyde Royal Hospital (IRH), and other local Acute Hospital services and changes.

These concerns were raised due to many frontline and backroom services at IRH, which have slowly been moved to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEH), at the Southern General (Govan); and/or, to Royal Alexandria Hospital (RAH).   What our Community call, “A death by a thousand cuts”.   We are concerned that the IRH will be stripped down to just an A&E, Out-patient hospital, with a couple of Medical Wards; to a point where it will be unviable, becoming too big and unmanageable, and eventually lead to closure.

As a local Community Council, our Port Glasgow West Community Council (PGWCC), Community Law obliges local and national Government; and related local and national Government funded services, to inform us of any changes to service delivery.   We are informed of local changes to services by Inverclyde Council, and related Council funded services.

However, with regard to Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board (acute health service in Inverclyde), we have never been informed of any cuts or changes to local acute services; to IRH, Mental Health Unit, Larkfield Unit, or former Ravenscraig Hospital (mental health and addiction services).

We invited Jane Grant (CEO), and John Brown (Chairperson) of the GG&C Health Board to our meeting, next Monday 27th November.   Unfortunately, neither could attend.    However, to accommodate our discussion on Acute Health Services locally, Louise Long, Chief Officer and Hector Macdonald, Clinical Director will attend.

We invite the local Port Glasgow and Inverclyde community members to join us in our local Acute Health discussion, at 7.30pm, on Monday 27th November, in the Port Glasgow Town Hall.  We will extend a personal invite to representatives of other Inverclyde Community Councils.   We look forward to meeting our local community at our meeting to share their questions.

The changes to date have affected: Patients, Carers, Visitors, who now have to travel to hospitals out with Inverclyde, particularly using public transport.

Tommy Rodger