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January 2017

After our Christmas and New Year’s recess the Community Council was back to business in our January Meeting. We had an update from the police as to a few incidents that were reported to them in Inverkip & Wemyss Bay, details of which you can find in our January Minutes.

We discuss the switching on of the Christmas Lights in Inverkip & Wemyss Bay, both of which were successful. We did however find out that unfortunately in Inverkip’s case the Christmas Entertainer did not show up, however it was good to hear that the local dance group extended their slot to make up for this.

The Community Council provide Wemyss Bay & Inverkip with an equal share of money to provide for a Christmas Entertainer at the light switch on, we however did take the money back in the case of Inverkip due to the entertainer not showing up, as it was felt that the money should be put towards something to benefit the children in the whole community and allowing the Parent Council to keep it would not.

It was proposed at the meeting that the community council donate £100 to the dancing group for them stepping in at short notice to cover the entertainer showing up. This was agreed by the community council. It was also proposed that the Community Council donate money to the Inverkip Community Initiative (ICI) to support a community event at the Inverkip Hub, this motion was agreed, and amount will be decided after discussion between ICI and the Community Council.

We discussed our calendar of future meetings and the location of our Inverkip Meeting going forward, it was hoped that we might be able to relocate into the Community Hub, however the board of the hub advised us that their meeting rooms are not large enough for the community council, as a result we will continue to meet in the Inverkip Primary School for our Inverkip Meetings.

We discussed changing the number of times we meet in a year and as a result we have agreed that the normal summer break which is July to August, is long and as such we have agreed to meet in July going forward and no longer hold a December meeting.

That’s everything from our January meeting, until next time !

Eileen Virtue

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