Level 4

COVID-19 Protection Level: 4

Socialising (different rules apply for children, further guidance will be issued shortly)

  • no in-home socialising
  • 6/2 outdoors and in public places i.e. max 6 people from 2 households

Hospitality (food and drink)

Hospitality (alcohol on sale outdoors)

  • closed

Hospitality (alcohol on sale indoors)

  • closed

Hospitality (food for consumption on premises)

  • closed (hotel exception)


  • takeaways permitted for alcohol and food as per existing arrangements

Accommodation (hotels, B&Bs, self-catering, caravan and camp sites)

  • essential only, for example work-related (no tourism)


  • no non-essential travel into or out of the level 4 area. If necessary, limits on travel distance, or a requirement to stay at home
  • exemptions for essential travel for work, education, shopping health etc; outdoor exercise; weddings and funerals; and transit through restricted areas
  • international quarantine regulations apply


  • active travel (walk, run, cycle, wheel) where possible
  • avoid car sharing with people outside extended household wherever possible
  • no use of public transport, except for essential purposes.
  • face coverings compulsory


  • close non-essential retail (click and collect permitted)

Close contact services (e.g. hairdressers, barbers, tailors and beauticians)

  • closed
  • mobile close contact services not permitted

Public buildings – e.g. libraries

  • closed

Stadia and events

  • not permitted / closed to spectators


  • open with restricted numbers (20 people)

Life events (weddings, and civil partnerships, funerals) ceremonies and receptions/wakes

  • weddings/civil partnerships – maximum 5 people (6 where interpreter permitted)
  • funerals – 20 person limit
  • no receptions. Wakes permitted subject to 20 person limit

Early learning and childcare (ELC)(formal childcare)

  • open, subject to targeted intervention which may impact on capacity

Informal childcare

  • essential worker informal childcare only, In line with household/numbers restrictions, children only may enter other households


  • open, with enhanced and targeted protective measures


  • restricted blended


  • restricted blended

Driving lessons

  • not permitted

Sports and exercise

  • (indoor) gyms closed
  • outdoor non-contact sports only (professional permitted)

Leisure and entertainment

  • closed

Visitor attractions

  • closed

Public services (health following NHS remobilisation plan)

  • essential face-to-face services only (online where possible)

Unregulated (children’s) activities (including youth clubs, children’s groups)

  • indoor activities not permitted

Support services (mental health, counselling, day services, respite care)

  • essential only/online where possible

Offices and call centres

  • essential only/working from home

Other workplaces


  • essential workplaces
  • outdoor workplaces
  • construction
  • manufacturing


This is advice, consider which level of protection is right for you.

All levels: we will not ask you to distance from people within your own homes or to stop taking outdoor exercise.

Level 4 shielding

  • contact with others: contact with people outside your own household if you can. You should not take public transport.
  • shopping: Strictly follow the guidelines when shopping and limiting the number of times you go to a shop. Shop at quieter times.
  • if you cannot work from home: The Chief Medical Officer will issue an automatic two week fit note to give people on the shielding list protection while they speak to their GP or consultant and get a personal fit note if necessary.
  • school/formal childcare: children on the shielding list should not attend in person.

Protection Level