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Stuart McMillan Newsletter

The Conservation Volunteers, Scotland
Spring Network Bulletin TCV Scotland’s Spring Network Bulletin
highlights some of the ways people of all ages and experience can get involved in Citizen Science, so we can better understand the world around
Also featured are the Northern Corridor Community Volunteers –
working to enhance their local greenspaces in North Lanarkshire. Some of the group’s younger volunteers are pictured during a recent tree planting session.
The Bulletin also highlights a recent willow basket making workshop, as well as the use of willow in habitat management. The fourth I Dig Trees campaign saw 67 community groups across Scotland plant 23,000 native trees.
To mark our 60th anniversary TCV is offering existing and new groups a free year’s membership of our Community Network. And have you ever seen a harvest mouse?
    Read the Spring Bulletin here    

Citizens Advice Scotland – Help to Claim service

Following the announcement in October 2018 that the Citizens Advice network will provide a new service to help your constituents make a Universal Credit claim, I’m getting in touch to let you know that as of today the service is live across Scotland and the rest of Great Britain.

Our new Help to Claim service offers independent, tailored and practical support to help people make a Universal Credit claim, and receive their first full payment on time. It is available through our free phone line, website and local Citizens Advice Bureaux. I have included more details about how your constituents can access the service below. Your local CAB can also provide more details about the specific options available to your constituents, which might include face-to-face advice through outreach clinics, for example in libraries or Jobcentres.

Citizens Advice Bureaux in Scotland have given over 100,000 pieces of advice on Universal Credit since roll out began, and many of these issues are with the initial claiming process.

Help to Claim can provide people with advice on how to apply for Universal Credit and support them through the application process. The support provided will vary depending on individual need, but might include things such as: helping someone gather evidence of their housing or childcare costs; ensuring people know that Alternative Payment Arrangements are available; and offering advice on what to expect at a jobcentre appointment and how to prepare for it.

Our local offices have been working closely with Jobcentres, local authorities and other local organisations in preparation for providing the service. This close working relationship will continue throughout the operation of the service.

Support is available through our free phone line and web chat from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday:

Phone line:                 0800 023 2581

Webchat:                    www.cas.org.uk/helptoclaim